Leaders Ocean Ventures

Leaders Ocean Ventures is a unique and innovative platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in social and technological space. We believe that twenty five percent of employees would eventually become successful entrepreneurs within a span of two years of staying with us. Taking into consideration the current complexity, the questions is how we can build a sustainable, inclusive and resilient future for all of us.



Advancing social and technological innovations for transformational change in India.

The Scale of the opportunities in response of governments, businesses and citizens, and risks requires more attention to the future and a more far-sighted attitude.

We need to ensure that we have the right skills, tools, institutions and social fabric necessary to shape future of India.

Dealing effectively with challenges derived from trends and shaping factors to build better future.

Focus of our Ventures

Megatrends impacting our Future:

  • Society : How can growth and development be made more sustainable and inclusive?
  • Health : How can public health infrastructure and processes respond to the needs of all?
  • Resources : How can quality food, clean energy, clean water made available and biodiversity made secure?
  • Geopolitics : How can power transitions be the basis for fresh forms of collaboration?

Shaping Factors to deal with:

  • Institutions: Too many have struggled to adapt to today’s hyper-connected world.
  • Time:Short-termism directs political and business cycles, despite compelling exceptions.
  • Political Engagement and Public Trust : Politics has not adapted to new methods or members.
  • Growing Complexity : Problems can escalate much more rapidly than they can be solved.
Source: Report of Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, 2013

Become an Entrepreneur

A disruptive innovation model in social and technological space for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurship is an approach that combines innovation, opportunity and resourcefulness to create social and environmental impact. It challenges conventional structures and identifies new opportunities to address the root causes of our most pressing problems. It generates systemic change and provides sustainable solutions.

- SBS, Oxford University

Are the startup incubators and accelerator the next big thing or just a bubble? Does making a provision of VC, work infrastructure, a few months program and mentoring guarantee success of these startups or does it create that magic? This is the question everyone has started asking of India’s fledging technology-based startup ecosystem.

The Leaders Ocean has started unfolding these scenarios and we have found that the real challenge is: how to handle shrinking technology development and ROI cycles, responsiveness towards changing environment, consistent good bets, application of contemporary concepts like design thinking and service sciences, assessing strategic risks and interdependencies, developing T-shape entrepreneurs with systemic view of organization and deep domain expertise and strategic leadership.

The Leaders Ocean Commitment

25 Percent of Leaders Ocean team should become successful Entrepreneur within 2 years of Stay

Why Leaders Ocean Ventures

Leaders Ocean Ventures
  • Integrated Workspace with innovative culture and learning of processes/systems.
  • Practicing Leadership effectively
  • Provision of Seed Funding as a Stakes in selected startups
  • Ensuring Success with the help of Mentors, Experts and Institutional Partners
  • Unique work style : 25/15/5 Rule per week

Leadership requires that the leader challenge preconceived mental models and that is the assumptions, beliefs, values and perception regularly. As both decision making and actions are determined and guided by mental models which has much more influence over the outcomes. Aspiring entrepreneurs should practice a unique process:

I have a Social and Technology Business Idea

Social and Technological Venturess

The Leaders Ocean’s existing success team proposed three social ventures to launch in 2016 and 2017.

Healthy Leaving

Transforming Rural India
Improving Urban Healthy Living

Leaders Ocean
Mobile Library

Enriching lives through Mobile Libraries and elevating unique experience

Leaders Ocean Pre-Primary Schools

Community based affordable Pre-primary school chains

CSR Projects Development

Leaders Ocean Ecosystem and initiatives gives an opportunity to develop CSR project solutions for national and global industries. We are committed to develop various social project solutions region wise to create the needed impact in Indian lives.

CSR ProjectsDevelopment

Success Team

Director Leaders Ocean Ventures

Director Leaders Ocean Ventures

Chair Mobile Library

Chair Mobile Library

Social Projects Head

Social Projects Head

Success Manager

Success Manager



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