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Leaders Ocean Talks is focused and committed to transform India through the power of Idea to effective Impact by arranging short talks at every district in the regional language. This will eventually emerge as a powerful community to understand deeply various issues of bottom and middle of the pyramid, which provides possible effective solutions to touch millions of lives.

The talks will provide structured program for every district to create needed impact. We are going to identify Impact Partners to play vital role in the transformation of respective district. Impact partner could be any industry, political and social entity or a national and global organization. We believe that these talks will also help to build intellect among citizens and youth where everyone thinks, comprehends, reasons, judges and decides.

Leaders Ocean Talks

The high performance team of Leaders Ocean will formulate strategies to win. Our focus is to make high impact ideas which are accessible and convert sparks into fire. The various district reports will be submitted to organizations.

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Great Opportunity to learn from the success and failures of unique personalities in India……

Extraordinary things happens from Ordinary person.

Extraordinary things happens from Ordinary person.

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