The Leaders DNA Self Assessment Tool

Exploring Your Leadership Effectiveness to Lead

The Leaders DNA has been helping professionals across the field with a deeper understanding of themselves to unleash leadership potential and how they lead themselves, lead others and lead organization. Learning about your skill sets using the self-assessment tool is simple yet powerful to improve the impact of your leadership quotient. The focus of the tool is on Effective leadership skills that determines success of the organization.

1 Leading and Influencing Skills: These set of skills contribute to one’s ability to lead effectively and influence everyone that result in developing right environment for growth and getting organization to next level.

2 Behavioral Skills: These set of skills contribute to one’s ability to execute on lasting values and shared vision with consistent intangible benefits in all endeavors.

Who is it for? Having Minimum 4 years of Experience in any field Startup Founders

You can have Leadership Game Plan for your life. We hope that you will find the process of self-discovery exciting and fun!

About the process of this tool

  • This is a perception based tool and going through a process is voluntary.
  • Your results of The Leaders DNA are confidential and belong to you.
  • Your results will be assessed by experts and we have signed non-disclosure agreement with them.

Based on skills assessment and feedback, you can decide on areas you want to improve on, and come up with self-development plan.

What to expect from Your Leaders DNA feedback report:

  • You can consider areas in your life where you may want to apply your understanding of leadership skills set.
  • Help you understand your strengths and weakness to practice leadership effectively.
  • Illustrate leadership skills matrix and figure out your personality balance to lead.
  • Explore to decide which skills fit you best and create needed influence.
  • Focused personal growth plan inputs.
  • Explore options for development and action planning with you.

Applications of The Leaders DNA tool and your expert can outline these further for you:

  • Developing your unique leadership style
  • Managing and practicing self-leadership
  • Managing Change
  • Practicing leadership levels effectively
  • Building Strategic Foresight
  • Developing inner circle
  • Valuing diversity in working style
  • Creating larger impact on team and organizational culture
  • Dealing with difficult people and conflict resolution
  • Exploring leadership role options
Mr. Nawshir Khurody

Mr. Nawshir Khurody


Ms. Pallavi Patgaonkar

Ms. Pallavi Patgaonkar

Expert – Personal Branding

Mr. Yogesh Patgaonkar

Mr. Yogesh Patgaonkar

Expert – Leadership Coach

Dr. Ajay Shrivastav

Dr. Ajay Shrivastav

Principal Consultant @ The Next Practices

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