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Welcome to Leaders Ocean Debates and amazing journey of your life! This is a unique approach to advance your knowledge, practice democracy and experience life changing moments among the members of Leaders Ocean Debates by organizing DEBATES, DISCUSSIONS and TALKS by distinguished persons from National and Global platform.

Leaders Ocean’s featured Debates will be conducted every Saturday from January to April and July to October in Pune and eventually in 7 major cities across the country. This unique activity will be designed, managed and effectively run democratically by elected members and council only. For every featured debate, two member representatives will open debate and we will have six eminent leaders from their respective fields. Before concluding the debate, 8 members will get an opportunity to represent their views to audience and a MOTION will be passed at HOUSE of COMMONS.


Becoming a MEMBER of Leaders Ocean Debates is an excellent investment! Apart from tangible benefits, we provide right environment for growth. We envisage creating state-of-the-art infrastructure for members like members bar, recreation rooms – pool table, smart library, reading and break-out rooms, discussion and meeting rooms for elected committee members, leadership skills lab, and cafeteria by end of 2017. Meanwhile, members will enjoy few facilities with institutional and happiness partners.

We are providing PASSPORT for life members that demonstrate vision, values, behaviors, sustainable approach, and member’s awareness report. We are committed to impart great values and nurture democratic principles to all members who will truly walk talk and reflect unique behaviors through their actions in all endeavors.

Join Leaders Ocean debates to transform yourself and make a difference in people’s lives. We must build healthy, equitable and peaceful world for future generations to enjoy.

P Member President S Member Secretary
L Member Librarian MR Member Representative
T Member Treasurer D Dignitaries

The core team and elected officers are committed to deliver consistent and long-term benefits to all members. The Core team will help you make the most of your membership through:

  • Create various opportunities and experiences to strengthen knowledge as well as better future.
  • Maintaining a strong featured and competitive debating tradition.
  • Continuing to build relationship with national and global personalities, organizations, publishers, and charities.
  • Maintaining a strong featured and competitive debating tradition.
Member President

Member President

Member Secretary

Member Secretary

Member Librarian

Member Librarian

Member Treasurer

Member Treasurer

Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Debates and Discussions

The Leaders Ocean debates have incredibly exciting and inclusive atmosphere for members through featured & competitive debates, discussions, speaker events, social events and talks……addresses by distinguished personalities.


Possible Futures – Topics are identified among some of the key megatrends and challenges that are likely to shape our future.

Responsible Futures – Identifying shaping factors that undermine our collective ability to act, where we sought to draw lessons from success and failure of actions.

Practical Futures – To overcome obstacles and inspire action, topics are selected based on broad principles and practical recommendations.

January – April Term Planner

The Leaders Ocean Debates Constitution

Rules, Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Benefits and Making Most of Your Membership

Benefits and Making Most of Your Membership

How to Get Involved

Once you get involved, you might surprise yourself and everyone with what you can achieve! Here are various ways to get involved and start your transformation journey.

Practicing democracy with great fun, enjoyment and passion

Participate in Debates and Discussions
A great opportunity to challenge speakers and voice your opinions on various issues. Featured and competitive debating has an incredibly fun and excitement that is held in our House of Commons on a range of subjects. You can suggest topics, speakers and share your views on debates.

Run for Elections
All officers and committee members are elected democratically by you on 14th Week of every term. Aspiring Committee members are required to make a number of speeches and debates on their manifesto/candidature, depending on the position they are contesting.

Attend Open Hour and Committees
Want to know how all decisions are made? Have burning question to ask? President and Standing committee will be holding an open hour every week where anyone can ask questions about Leaders Ocean Debates. All committees can attend and observe their functioning.

Ballot for Dinner and Drinks with Guests
Any member can enter into a random ballot for a place at a debate dinner, speaker dinner, and a space at President’s drinks after every debate and you have to apply before each event’s deadline. You will get an opportunity to interact with distinguished personalities.

Attend Skills Workshops
Those who are interested in honing debating skills, public speaking, creative visualization, personal branding, listening skills, yoga and meditation, workshops are held on every Sunday.

Apply for Various Internships

Any member can apply for 20 hrs/week internship. The Leaders Ocean is going to engage in various leadership interventions and consultancy projects, so you can play to support experts, anchor faculties and authors.

Participate in The Leaders Ocean
Those who are interested to play a larger role based on their capability, are welcome to apply careers@leaders-ocean.com

Participate in IMPACT Campaign
You can actively participate in building better future for everyone – impact@leaders-ocean.com


Suggest Topics  |  Suggest Speakers  |  Share your original quotes  |  Share Pictures  |   Your Valuable Comments

Joining Leaders Ocean Debates

Enrich your student days and professional life by joining this prestigious debating entity.

Articulate a common global vision and ambition by building unique capabilities for a changing world.

Become Exclusive by practicing leadership and democracy effectively.

Learn to create impact through sustained positive change in whatever you do.

If you are a highly motivated, charming and ambitious person, and want to become successful – JUST EXPERIENCE

Eligibility and Membership Card

Please fill the following membership form, if you are eligible:

  • Any student, more than 16yrs age, affiliated to any University or institution approved by Government of India.
  • Young and senior professionals from government, businesses, civil society and other.
  • Wives of life and resident members, not temporary members.

Our happiness team will take care of your kids while attending debates.


Life Membership : These members will be ambassador of The Leaders Ocean and responsible for creating climate of success with pride. Life members will be provided LEADERS OCEAN PASSPORT to build leadership effectiveness and special treasurer treats.

Resident Membership (Yearly Membership): This membership is applicable for one year only and partial treasurer treats. We consider them as Innovators, who want to experience life changing moments and build needed skills.

Temporary membership: Standing Committee shall have right to allot this membership based on genuine case and allotted for one term (6 months). These members will not have rights to vote and run for election.

Honorary Membership: Few memberships in this category awarded by GEC and Standing Committee to eminent personalities. These members are not allowed to vote.

Membership Cards

Every successful subscribed member will receive Joining KIT which comprises General Admit Card, constitution, term booklet and other required information to get overview of complete running of Leaders Ocean Debates. The life members will receive LEADERS OCEAN PASSPORT, which demonstrates vision, values, behaviors and sustainable approach along with their Exclusive Report of achievements.

PASSPORT for Life Members:

  • Personal Information
  • Vision
  • Focus
  • Brand Personality
  • Values
  • Behaviors
  • Extraordinary work endorsement page
PASSPORT for Life Members

Membership Fees – Defined BY Standing Committee OF Members

An Excellent Investment to transform your life.

Category Yearly Membership Life Membership
Student Leaders Rs. 7,000/- Rs. 20,000/-
Young Professionals and Leaders (upto age 33) Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 30,000/-
Senior Professionals and political leaders (above age 33) Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 55,000/-
Institutional Membership Rs. 21,000/- Rs. 75,000/-
Members joined till 31st January 2016 will get validity of 18 months

Temporary Members have to Pay Rs. 5000/- for one term. Leaders Ocean Debates’ budget will be approved by Governing Executive Council and executed by elected member committees. The standing committee and Treasurers committee will revise these fees from time to time.

Membership Form

Your Personal Information

Member Committees

The Leaders Ocean’s Governing Executive Council (GEC) will be the apex managing committee of Leaders Ocean Debates, which will provide world’s greatest workplace and full freedom as well as wisdom to committees. There are several meetings throughout the year to discuss effective running of all the aspects of the entity. All meetings are open to all members and we encourage people to come to as many of them as they wish and help us in building great organization with transparency.

Standing Committee
This is the debates governing body, which makes all major decisions concerning the running of the Leaders Ocean Debates and oversees the work of all committees.

Finance Committee
This committee is responsible for scrutinizing termly, annual and event budgets, and reporting its findings to the standing committee.

Debate Selection Committee
Responsible for organizing debates, internal competitions, selecting members to represent Leaders Ocean and identifying speakers.

Consultative Committee
Any member can ask questions to elected officers and hear updates on upcoming events. Members can provide valuable suggestions.

Library Committee
Responsible for choosing new books, arranging skills workshops and DVDs and all other aspects of capability building of the all the members.

Recreational Committee
Responsible for arranging all recreational activities with event partners till our own facility is built. Composing the budget and identifying best discount deals for members.

Access Committee
Responsible for the promotion of wider participation and engagement in Leaders Ocean Debates.

Discipline and Security Committee
Responsible for discipline during events, passing motions and disciplinary actions.

Leaders Ocean Jewels of 2016

Member Elections will Run in 3rd week of January 2016

Library and Facilities

Leaders Ocean Debates envisages creating state-of-the-art library and facilities by 2017 to provide you amazing atmosphere for growth. Meanwhile, we would like to work with institutional partners.

The Library

The Library

Most unique resource for members with latest collection
Digital Library | Library + Services

The Members Bar

The Members Bar

Most exciting place to meet your friends, chat with one of your heroes, and meet new people

Snooker Room

Snooker Room

Recreation and dealing with high performance team

Break Out Rooms

Break Out Rooms

Self-learning, sharpening thoughts and innovation space

Treasurer’s Treats

Various Discounts @
City Pubs City Clubs
Food Outlets Shopping Outlets

Support Team

Working at Leaders Ocean debates will be more fun, learning and achieving high personal growth. Support team will have an opportunity to collaborate and will be surrounded by the smartest, most motivated and most passionate people in the country. Team will get paid handsomely for creating the most amazing workplace with an innovative work culture.

Appointed Officials and Staff

Chair Leaders Ocean Debates

Press officer

Access Officer

International Officer

Senior Librarian

House Manager

Media Manager

Officer Secretary

Chief of Staff

Director of Digital Strategy

Women’s Officer

Guest Liaison Officer

Senior Finance Officer

Events Manager

Creative Director

Security Officer


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