Leadership Development for Startups and Young Professionals

Welcome to EKLAVYA online self-learning initiative. The Leaders Ocean Academy has created a unique learning experience for startup teams and young professionals to lead effectively. This Programme is highly engaging and interactive with a Subject Expert Mentor for each course. The courses are developed and categorized in practical way. Each course module comprises of videos, expert views, frameworks, tools and techniques, applied content and post assessment.

Leading Yourself Leading Others Leading Organization Global Leadership
Creativity and Innovation Building Inner Circle Lean Startup: Innovators Methods Building Global Company
Effectuation and Critical Thinking Creating Innovative Culture Customer insights, customer development & validation Managing Global Teams and Leadership
Leadership Effectiveness Developing Leaders Organizational Design IP Management
Personal Branding Managing Stakeholders Building and Managing Brands Strategic Technology Roadmap
Strategic Thinking and Strategy to Win Creative conflicts and Negotiations Business Model Development and scalability High Business Performance & Growth Strategies
Design Thinking Networking and Collaborations Digital Marketing Building World’s Greatest Workplace

Business Plan Development

Access to Finance: Understanding, Preparing, Expanding and Closing the deal of Finance

Dealing with Demo Day: Pitching and Fund Raising

Recommended Books

The Fall Of The Human Intellect
learning the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership
quote me if you can
the founder's dilemmas
the innovator's method

Leadership Development for Executives and Senior Professionals

We have designed the LEADERSHIP GAME PLAN for your life! Leadership deals with people and their dynamics, which are continuously changing. We believe that if you lead yourself and people well, and help members of your team to becoming effective leaders then the most exciting as well as successful career path is awaiting you. John Maxwell affirms that – "Everything rises and falls on leadership and it’s all about influence, nothing more nothing less!"

We design and facilitate various leadership development programes based on individual and organizational needs. Renowned global and national experts, coaches, institutional partners, and leaders will deliver these leadership interventions to improve effectiveness.

Leadership Development Workshops Leadership Coaching Leadership Consultancy
Leaders Ocean Leadership Developing Coach Culture Strategic Leadership
Development Programs
(Aligning People and Culture with Strategy)
Leading High Performance Teams Meetings – High Performing Teams Collaborative Leadership
Leading with influence and Impact Coaching – High Performance Teams
Leading with People Development
Leadership Gurukul Mentoring Thought Leadership
Managing and Practicing Self leadership Executive Coaching Building Blocks of Leadership
Transformational Leadership

If your vision of success includes making a positive impact on all spheres of life, leading organization/department effectively, starting an organization, owning a company, putting together the best team, you need to learn to lead better in a world that is ever changing. It has been evident that leadership potential in the organization will be the key differentiator for future success. In order to help individuals to practice SMART Leadership, we have created an innovative learning platform, The Leaders Ocean Academy that will help unleash your full potential.